Friday, January 18, 2008

SE Region IMAC Opener Jan. 19-20

The South East Reginal IMAC opener will be hosted by the Sundancer's R/C Flying Club of Port St. Lucie Fl. This club is my "home club" while I am staying in Florida for the winter. We have a great flying field located only 21km. south of the RV Park where we are staying in Ft. Pierce.

This was the view down the flight line at 1:30 this afternoon. As you can see there were lineups of 5 to 6 airplanes deep to ea. of two flight lines.
Already this morning when I got to the field at around 8:30 for a few rounds of last minute practice I found a dozen or so fliers setting up with the same thing in mind.

The weather started out with a low overcast and light winds but quite warm. Today's high reached 25degrees C with a high humidity. The forecast for the weekend is not too good with some rain and t-storms.

If time permits I will keep you up-to-date with information and scores from this contest.

Ivan K.

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Hi Ivan

Good luck. Your teasing me :)