Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day one of SE Imac Opener

Mother nature once again proved that weather forecasting is not an exact science, as a matter of fact it is not very accurate at all. After all the predictions of today's weather being rainy with T-storms it turned out to be quite nice although a bit windy. The temperatures reached 28 degrees C with a fairly steady 15-20km wind out of the south meaning a 90 degree cross wind in out backs.

The contest go underway around 9am after Peter Jackson (CD) had laid out the ground rules at the pilots meeting. 58 contestants has registered to compete in 5 classes. We are 5 in unlimited, about 10 in Advanced and rest spread over intermediate, Sportsman and Basic. The largest class is Basic with some 20+ competitors.

We all go in 2 rounds with 2 sequences in each round. Tomorrow morning we will (except for basic) fly an unknown followed by another round of known so hopefully the weather will hold long enough for us the get it all in with that many competitors.

No scores are available as I understand that they experienced to difficulties in tabulation. Hopefully that problem will be sorted out by morning.

The unknown for unlimited looks quite challenging so I better get back to studying it as I have so strong opposition with Jason Shulman and David Moser both flying very well.

More later. Ivan K.

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