Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day two of SE Region IMAC opener in Port St. Lucie Florida Jan. 19-20. 60 contestants registred to fly in 5 classes

From L to R: Stephen Hamilton, Ivan Kristensen,Bryan Luckett, Butch Moser, David Moser and Don Hamilton.

WOW, what a difference a day makes! Yesterday we were melting in 28 degree C (82F)heat with a very high humidity and today we had a high of 15 degrees C. The temperatures dipped into the single digits overnight with heavy rain and T-storms. At 7:15 on our way to the field this morning the temperature was 10degrees C. (50F) with a strong wind out of the north.

Unfortunately with rain threatening and the cold wind out of the north continuing to build the CD decided to delay start of flying to 9am. At about 9:30am it was decided to call it a contest.

The scores were tabulated and the results were announced. I am not able to give you all the results here except for the once I can remember. A complete list of winners will be available on the IMAC site later.

In Unlimited David Moser placed 1st. David is only 17 years old and flying very well, I can't even imagine having had those skills when I was 17.

I managed to pull off a second place in unlimited just ahead of Jason Shulman.
Only 40+ points separated 1st. and 3rd.

Jason finished in 3rd place by only a very few points. We were only 4 people in unlimited and all of us were flying well, it was anyone's contest to win and had we flown an unknown this morning the result could very easily have been different.

Mike Remsberg got a lucky break this weekend when he hit a Buzzard with his 40% Carden. Unbelievably the only damage was a broken carbon fiber Mejzlik prop and , of course, the Buzzard didn't do so well.

Ivan K., Jorden and Justin Hardison & Jason Shulman.

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