Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dick Grieve's 80th Birthday Party

Yesterday, Saturday December 1st. Dianne and I attended Dick Grieve's 80th. Birthday party in Markham Ontario. I first met Dick almost 40 years ago at a model airplane contest in London On. in 1968.

Dick currently makes his home in Cambridge ON but his son Marty and his wife Cynthia who lives in Markham On hosted the party. Many friends and family came to this noontime luncheon to help Dick celebrate including son Brad and his wife Erika all the way from Mexico and daughter Louise from Edmonton.

Click here for a link to a photo album of this get together. You can also click on these pictures and get a larger image.

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Hayden said...

In my household the Name Dick grieves often crops up.In his younger days he was great friends with my father in law Len roe.I have many pictures of competitions in London Ontario around 1968.I have even heard stories of the celebrations that took place up there LOL.
I am currently building a Nix which will mean something to Dick.
Happy Birthday.