Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Indoor electric flying.

Today Terry Tripp and I went to Rim Park in Waterloo Ont. to fly our some indoor foamies. This is a popular activity in this area in the off season as we have a wonderful facility at Rim Park.

Terry torque rolling his Micro Epic.

The space we have to fly in we refer to as the "Field House". It is an indoor soccer field, I don't have the actual measurements but it is very large and one of the best facilities in Southern Ontario for indoor flying.

Anyone can come and fly here, all you have to do is call first to make sure the field house is not in use, book a time and pay $6.00 per hour per person.

Interesting detail on LE of Terry's plane.

Also, check this link for lots of photos and an excellent article Terry has written on building light foamy airplanes.

There is nothing organized but often Friday afternoons a group of us are there.

My Epic

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